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Coppins Investigative Group, Inc. is staffed with former Federal Agents and Major Crimes detectives. Each investigator was selected to join our group after serving for decades with distinction in various fields of expertise of law enforcement criminal investigations. After spending a career of proving cases by the standard of "beyond a reasonable doubt," imagine how effectively and efficiently we can handle your civil case. When conducting criminal investigations, such as fraud or internal theft, investigations require experience and dedication from highly trained former law enforcement professionals; not just college educated entrepreneurs. We guarantee that we will be dedicated and thorough and work with integrity and professionalism while conducting business on your behalf.



Private Investigators aren't just for your business or corporation. There are many personal issues that they can address for you.

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Let us serve your business or corporation and ensure its safety and security.

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If you're ready to begin just let us know and we'll get moving for you.

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December 1, 2011

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