Business / Corporate Matters

Security Consulting / Threat Assessments

Assessing threats to your company, before they occur, is more important today than at any other time in our country’s history.  The threats came from a multitude or sources; such as past and present employees and by outside criminals.  Bad guys come through the doors and windows at night and the computer Internet by day.  They walk in with a key as current employees or subcontractors who have access during and after hours.  They come in as cleaning personnel that you allow in your office, unescorted and in the middle of the night?  Or, the jealous husband that comes in during the middle of a shift looking for the employee who his wife is spending time with, and he feels is taking her away from him.  It pays to have someone with decades of experience who can show you where you are vulnerable, and, best of all, give you sound, proven advice on solutions.

We offer complete internal investigations including physical and video surveillance. All cases are prepared for prosecution if needed. If you wish to simply prevent future product loss, shrinkage or embezzlement we offer a very unique, inexpensive approach to curbing this very costly problem. For as little as $65 per visit, we will assign a professional investigator to visit your facility just as few times a month as you wish, to give the appearance of your own full-time, Loss Prevention Security Specialist.

Investigative Services

Internal thefts, worker’s compensation fraud, embezzlement and security related issues are issues for every business. In the past, you may have been the person saddled with what to do. During those times, your choice was to either contact your local Police Department hoping they will take on the investigation with very few known facts, or stumble through a criminal investigation alone and hope your mistakes aren’t too costly. That problem can end today. With our Investigative Service, you will have someone with decades of criminal investigative experience, working discretely in your best interests, at an affordable as-needed hourly rate.  Once the internal investigative review is complete, and you know what you are faced with, you will be better equipped to decide whether to prosecute or to deal with it internally.  Either way, you will have discreetly and appropriately handled the investigative part, and be fully prepared to move in the direction that you wish.  Not the direction that you are stuck with.  

Pre Employment Background Checks / Background Screenings

Conducting in-depth background checks on job candidates are crucial, no matter the level, because you could be liable for damages for things the employee might do during their employment. The depth of the background check will depend on the nature of the job. Its critical, for example, that someone who has a history of assault, or other physical violence, not be employed working closely with male and / or female employees.  Or someone with integrity offenses be allowed to work with the Elderly or those with intellectual disabilities (formerly referred to as the “mentally retarded”). Often times, without a pre-employment background check, criminals slip through the cracks, leaving you exposed to potential law suits or even investigations by the EEOC and / or Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services for not providing a safe work environment for fellow employees and / or clients / customers / residents.  

The Internet is full of “one-click” Internet sites for background checks. Promising a nationwide, 50 state search, with results in a matter of minutes, if not instant results, often-costing $20.

The difference between those one-click Internet sites and professional analysts is that we use a long established and industry recognized way to search specific county or state databases, as there is no true “nation wide” database that they claim to use.  Those companies admit as much in their fine print disclaimers  (if they are being truthful).

Theft / Loss Prevention

For many business owners financial loss due to theft is a constant worry and problem. Whether it is caused by internal theft or by outside sources entering onto your property and stealing, the losses add up. With over 30 years of experience in handling these types of matters in industrial and corporate settings, we have developed a 5-prong approach that will absolutely reduce these problems in your workspace or facility.

With different companies, come different budgets. Therefore, we offer an ala carte approach to our proven 5-pronged method.  Think of each prong as an added layer of security and peace of mind. Overnight, your company immediately has a Corporate Investigator / Safety Officer at your disposal on an as needed basis.

Option 1: Investigative Support
Internal thefts, embezzlement, workers compensation fraud, and security related issues will happen. In the past, you may have been the person saddled with deciding what to do or how to handle it. During those times, your choice was to either contact your local police department and hope that they will investigate your internal investigation with very few known facts, or to stumble through a potential criminal investigation alone. That problem ends today. Our Investigative Service option gives you the ability to have someone with decades of criminal investigative experience available to you on an hourly basis.  From simple consulting to complete investigations with reports ready for prosecution.  You get to decide.  

You are our client and we work for you with your best interests at heart. We have extensive experience in internal theft, embezzlement / financial investigations, employee / facility surveillance and employee interviews just to name a few. We find that 95% of our clients do not want to involve police until they have a full understanding of their situation as it makes their internal problem become public.

Our job is to help you identify and resolve the problem. For the clients who do wish to move forward with prosecution our case reports can be prosecution ready, which will increase the odds of your police department taking the case and moving forward with charges.

Option 2: Pre-employment backgrounds / screenings
As you read in an earlier article referencing pre-employment screenings, they are extremely important. Study after study has proven that by investing just a little bit more money and learning more about your applicants will greatly reduce the problems that can be created by just a few bad apples. The rules and laws that guide you for properly and fairly conducting those background checks is clearly spelled out for Human Resource professionals.  Our goal in this option is to weed out the applicants who would bring only problems to your company.

Option 3: Monthly site visits
You set the date and time each month.  Then, our scheduled, but unannounced, site visits benefit you in several ways. They serve to build a relationship between your employees and our Corporate Investigator / Safety Officer.  It shows them that their safety is important to you. It also serves to keep the honest employees honest, and the few bad apples on notice that you have someone looking out for you and the bottom line.  

Option 4: Quarterly training
The very first training session serves as a 30-minute staff meeting designed to introduce them to your Corporate Investigator. During the year the quarterly trainings can cover a variety of topics, including safety and security, in and around your facility. Your good employees will thank you for your concerns for their welfare, and your problem employees will immediately realize that their jobs could be in jeopardy.