Individual/Family Matters

Child Custody

There is nothing more gut wrenching or agonizing than to have a child in the custody of an unfit parent. On “court day” everyone seems to show up with a fresh haircut wearing new clothes and claiming to be parent of the year. Many custody hearings then become a “he said, she said” battle with no real way for a judge to know the truth when it’s based on unsubstantiated claims. Before presenting a custody case to a court, it is always advisable that you support your claims with documented facts obtained through a professionally conducted custody investigation.

Our child custody investigators are hand picked (off-duty) police detectives, with extensive backgrounds dealing with child issues. They will assist you with your legitimate claim in developing witnesses and uncovering information for your attorney to present to the court system.

Unfit Parents

Parents with concerns about their children in the custody of others need proof to take before the court to rectify the situation and possibly remove them from harmful circumstances. Our professional investigators are able to gather evidence to support the safety of your children.

Security Evaluations

If you have security concerns for your family, home or business contact Coppins Investigative & Security Group. Brett Coppins’ prospective on security is based on 25 years of law enforcement experience including 17 years as an investigator interviewing and interrogating thousands of criminals. He believes that someone can only become a true Security Expert once they have a deep understanding of how and why criminals do what they do. It’s not something that can be taught in books or at security seminars. It must be learned after years of working to solve these crimes. Brett’s goal, during thousands of interrogations, was to press further than just a confession. In doing that he gained a deep understanding of what they were thinking and feeling, both before and during their crimes. The knowledge he gained has made him extremely effective to his clients by foreseeing problems and suggesting practical solutions to securing their family, home or business. A complete top-to-bottom Physical Security evaluation for an average home or small business is $250.00. The cost for larger businesses will vary slightly.


Surveillance can be conducted to bring clarity to questions of infidelity and child custody. Great care goes into this line of work as outcomes can often be difficult to work through.

Protective Services

This elite security group is specially trained to work in a subtle, professional manner but are highly effective in handling security needs or issues in personal situations where your safety is important. Personal security, event security, property security or similar are handled discreetly and with professionalism.

Personal Injury

If an attorney or insurance agent is to experience quick successful resolution with a particular legitimate case, they must possess a higher level of supportive evidence or witness information than the other party involved. Most cases do not have that level of proof when presented to a firm. And, unfortunately, most attorneys and insurance agents do not have ready access to competent investigators who can assist them in developing that level of information. Therefore, many busy professionals are forced to waste countless hours in strategy sessions and other non-productive meetings, trying to negotiate cases on limited evidence. All too often, due to the limited information, they are not able to provide proper supporting evidence for these clients, which would have prompted the receipt of adequate financial awards.

Imagine having access to a personal case detective, one working for you on a case-by-case, as-needed hourly basis; one who can assist in strategic consultation and case development, scene evaluation, locating additional witnesses and written audio or video documentation. Our investigators know how to develop a case from the beginning stages and how to strategically follow leads and gather witness information. Better yet, imagine all of this happening while the attorney or agent is focused on presenting and winning a previously investigated case. How would all of this reflect on each lawyer or agent’s personal reputation as a successful professional? Furthermore, if several individuals from the same office were to use this approach, how do you think that would reflect on the firm’s overall reputation?