Frequently Asked Questions

How does payment work with your firm?

A minimum retainer is required in advance and is placed on your account as a credit. Work is performed in six-minute increments at the agreed-upon hourly rate. Additional payments are paid into your account as it nears a zero balance. Any remaining balance is returned to the client with an itemized invoice.

How will you provide me with your results?

Full written reports are provided for all our work with complete details of the investigations undertaken and findings uncovered. This, together with our testimony, constitutes compelling legal evidence in court if that becomes necessary.

Can I decide when and what work is to be performed?

Most definitely. When we take you on as a client, together we will discuss our strategy before we proceed.

Is there a minimum charge?

No. Billing begins and ends as related work is performed at six-minute increments. We don’t condone outrageous rates for “individual tasks” such as written correspondence or phone calls, etc.

Is it true that a private investigation usually costs thousands of dollars?

No. The average case does not exceed $900. Brett has always been a visionary who realizes that success is having a good reputation in the long run.

How many investigators will work on my job?

In almost every case, only one is necessary. However, something involving moving surveillance could need two investigators to successfully conduct surveillance because of traffic volume and special circumstances. You, the client, would make that determination in advance.

Is this all confidential?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves in secrecy and confidentiality.

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