Our researchers offer a wide variety of nationwide database research services to clients of all backgrounds and needs.  Business owners, professionals, and individuals. If you need information that isn’t available to the public, or if you simply don’t like navigating the internet, let them do the research for you. Our ladies combine their passion for online database searching, with our agency’s credentialed access to the largest database, which is a nationwide clearinghouse of more than 80 billion different databases, all in one.  They dig, so you don’t have to.

On any given day, they may be asked by people just like yourself, to do many different types of research.  One moment they could receive an email from someone requesting a nationwide search to locate a client, a witness, an old classmate, or even a long-lost friend.  Then another client may request a search for nationwide criminal or civil records for preemployment, a potential new business partner, or something as simple as a daughter’s new boyfriend.  The next minute they could be asked by a widget maker, who wants to expand to the east coast, to search for more information about the current competition there, and some background on that company and the owner.  Then, still another person, who is a mature adult, needs help searching for the best bicycle seats for a man over 75.  I hope you’re getting the picture.  Our ladies love helping people and they love database searches and analyzing information.  No request it too small.

We charge an affordable hourly rate of $85 per hour, with a one hour minimum, then charging in six-minute increments after that.  A simple, straight forward rate, which covers their time and the database access fees.  Simple and fair with an agreed upon limit set by you.  Many of our searches already have a fair, affordable, flat rate.

So, if you need research done, and you’d rather delegate that work to someone who loves research and analyzing information, and who has access to the most powerful all-in-one database in the nation, contact us.  Let one of our ladies remove the headaches associated with trying to navigate the world wide web, while allowing you to do more productive things.  We get fast, affordable results. Most times in the one day.

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